Absolutely, Senator McCain made sense – we have a GOLD MINE here.  Comey was letting Hillary off the hook but kept the future President on the hook to try to reel him in and discredit him from the start – all part of the Obama/Hillary plan to win the election and it didn’t work.  So when President Trump won, they had to make it work another way which is where we are now and Comey got caught in his own web.

Hillary was still a part of the investigation even though Comey let her off the hook with the email scandal; because, she was a presidential candidate and is still on the table of marbles the FBI is playing with – RUSSIA, RUSSIA STOLE THE ELECTION.

The whole thing is Hillary Clinton during her Secretary of State job was involved up to her eyeballs with the Russians.  Just her uranium deal should land her in prison.  The Demo-rats are trying to turn the page on her misdeeds and threw the Russian story on President Trump.  What louses!

So what I get from McCain is – hey, Hillary Clinton was a candidate and is part of this RUSSIAN STORY and Comey never has injected her anywhere during the RUSSIA, RUSSIA story – so why not?


Sen. McCain’s confused comments at Comey hearing actually made sense, here’s why:

Sen. McCain actually took an anti-Deep State stance Thursday, during the Comey hearing on Capitol Hill


— Although Senator John McCain beat around the bush in an attempt to get his point across to Fmr. FBI Director James Comey and others in attendance at Thursday’s hearing on Capitol Hill, he actually made perfect sense — here’s why:

What the 80-year-old senator from Arizona was trying to say is that President Trump is still under FBI investigation for possible ties to the alleged Russian interfere of the U.S. electoral system but somehow the FBI reached a conclusion regarding Hillary Clinton’s ties in the same investigation, clearing her.

McCain said that Comey reached a “conclusion” in the case whether or not to “further pursue” Hillary Clinton and chose not to.

“I don’t understand how you can be done with that but not done with the whole investigation of their attempt to effect the outcome of our election,” McCain said. “Yet at the same time, in the Case of [Donald Trump] you said that there was not enough information to make a conclusion.”


Surprisingly, at least in this case, Sen. McCain’s train of thought is spot on. After all, how could the FBI exclude Hillary Clinton so quickly from the very same investigation that’s dealing with the possibility of campaign collusion with the Russians to undermine the U.S. system.

In an effort to pass the buck, Comey told McCain, “As of July the 5th the FBI completed its investigative work and that’s what I was announcing, what we have done and what we have found.

As a result, the senator from Arizona fired back, telling Comey, “There’s a whole lot of questions out there” about Hillary Clinton’s involvement. […] You’re going to have to help me out here.”

“In other words, we are complete in the investigation of anything that former Secretary Clinton had to do with the campaign is over and we don’t have to worry about it anymore?” McCain asked.

‘I’m confused,’ Comey responded.



Comey’s statement only relates that he was up to his eyeballs and was trying to find a way out when he said, “I’m confused.”  He was trying to make McCain look bad.









































































































































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