If you will notice in most of his photos, he always has his hands clasped as if he was praying.

What is so corny about  this whole situation is – Comey spent more time trying to bring the President down than he did in trying to clean out the sewer in the Democratic Party called Hillary Clinton  – he was so deep in the political woods which was his downfall.

In the end,  Comey, the Boy Scout,  dishonored his life’s work and went down in a flame of corruption to the highest level..  And with him – he also brought with him Obama, HIllary, Clapper and Brennan.  Those three in the high positions in which they served the country have done more harm to our country and its people than anyone because they were following the orders of Obama, the muslim who was determined to put his stain on our country.

If Comey would have not fallen under the  AG LORETTA LYNCH’S spell and honestly called it the Hillary “investigation” instead of a Hillary “matter,” the shoe which fell on him would probably not rocked his “SOLE” as it did.

In the end – it was all about money.


Former FBi Director James Comey Admits That He Was The Leaker



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