CNN caught on video LYING about London attack (watch)
June 5, 2017

For years, cable news giant CNN has been accused of making up stories to push a liberal narrative — even President Donald Trump has called them “very fake news” on multiple occasions.

Following the bloody Islamic terror attack in London on Saturday, one eagle-eyed witness caught them red-handed trying to push a liberal narrative.

It’s so obvious, this may be one the worst instances of “fake news” ever captured on film.
In the bystander video, reported by British conservative Katie Hopkins, you can see CNN correspondent Becky Anderson directing a small group and explaining how to be arranged in front of Anderson’s cameraman.

Anderson uses the group as background on her report of a large group of ‘Muslim Mothers’ that had spontaneously gathered to protest ISIS’ attack in downtown London.
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The group of pro-Western Muslims were reportedly holding signs in solidarity with the victims of Saturday’s horrific Islamic terror attack.

“Look at all the people around me here, behind me here, that are sad about last night but hopeful for tomorrow,” Anderson told the television audience. “On the left here, Londoners came to help. Behind me you can see a sign here: hashtag ‘turn to love’; hashtag ‘for London’; hashtag ‘ISIS will lose’; and flowers left in remembrance of those who left their lives.”

The video offers a rare look at just how the mainstream media controls the story to say what they want.

Watch it here —

CNN has denied the allegations that they staged these protesters —

Mike Cernovich

CNN caught staging news!

They even brought “peace group” printed out papers and props.

Video courtesy of @markantro pic.twitter.com/jkxf3nb2W9
CNN International PR

@Cernovich @markantro This is nonsense. Police let demonstrators through the cordon to show their signs. CNN along with other media simply filmed them doing so.
7:42 PM – 4 Jun 2017

However, there was no mention as to why these so-called “organic” protesters were directed by the media on where to stand when allowed through.

Is this PROOF that CNN is “fake news”?

I don’t believe anything CNN says.  They are liars.


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