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James Woods Roasts Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper in Epic Tweet

By John Falkenberg
on June 6, 2017

At this point, nearly everyone with a connection to the internet is aware of the saga perpetrated last week by the D-list celebrity Kathy Griffin. Most of those people know that the blow-back against Griffin has been nothing less than career-ending.

Never one to miss out on a chance to get a good burn in on liberal America, conservative celebrity and actor James Woods absolutely skewered Griffin on her remarks regarding CNN’s severing ties with her over her infamous Trump pic.

He called the liberals in question “rats.”

As you might imagine, the tweet has gone viral, with better than 8,000 “likes” and “retweets.”

“Kathy Griffin feels ‘betrayed’ by Anderson Cooper after firing // #Rats devouring each other..,” he wrote in the June 3 tweet.

Kathy Griffin is ALSO a child abuser and when she can’t abuse their parents she abuses their children.  A good example is when she mocked Sarah Palin’s child and  abused President Trump’s son, Barron.  This has to be one sick person.

If you want my humble opinion, here it is — I think it’s pretty clear that Griffin — and those who empathize with her — didn’t expect real consequences for her actions.
I don’t think they know what consequences to their actions really mean — nothing about Griffin’s little saga suggests she expected anything more than some online condemnation by conservatives, and lots of love from liberals.

What she got was a reaction commensurate to her action — and heaven forbid she ever face the real world.

Her career is over, and I think she’s just starting to accept that as a reality.

What happened to Griffin’s ambulance chaser, Bloom?


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