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Woman Charged With Voter Fraud Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison And Possible Deportation
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February 12, 2017
Despite what the left and the media want you to think, voter fraud is very real and it happens on a systemic and regular basis.

President Trump has vowed to investigate and stop voter fraud and determine just how many are voting who shouldn’t be able to.

A woman in Texas was found guilty after being caught illegally voting in several elections. Her punishment for this repeated crime is severe:

Rosa Maria Ortega, 37, a permanent resident and a mother of four who lives outside Dallas. On Thursday, a Fort Worth judge sentenced her to eight years in prison — and almost certainly deportation later — after she voted illegally in elections in 2012 and 2014.
Her lawyers actually claimed she was too dumb to know that she was breaking the law. Seriously.

How are you too dumb to know that you aren’t an American citizen? She could fill out the mountains of paperwork required to be a permanent resident but couldn’t figure out she didn’t have the right to vote?

She consistently lied to voting officials about her eligibility and was caught for it. Let her mistakes be an example for those wishing to defraud this country. When you are caught, you will be punished.

While liberals claim voter fraud to be a myth designed to “suppress the vote”, insuring voter integrity is just the opposite. It protects the sacred privilege of voting for those who have earned it. By prosecuting voter fraud, every true vote’s value is ensured.

(This one has been caught   This is a REAL problem and should be investigated and a finger print and photo card should be mandatory to correct this problem.  The registration rolls should also be updated to rekill all of the dead folks.)



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