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Geraldo Rivera Leaves Job at Yale Because of Political Correctness
Wayne Dupree
Featured Contributor

February 13, 2017
I have been watching Geraldo Rivera for a while now, and he’s a unique individual. I just don’t know how to take him when he’s making certain left-wing comments on television.

However, sometimes the Fox News host gets it right. Rivera has decided to quit his position at Yale University because the school decided to change the name of one of its residential colleges due to backlash from liberals.

I would’ve expected Rivera to understand and even take up for the left but like I said sometimes I don’t understand his thinking. I agree with him that the school is succumbing to political correctness and giving in to these kids.

Well, Geraldo held his ground, and as a public figure, he decided to step down based on principle.

Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera says he resigned from a voluntary position at Yale University after the school decided to change the name of a residential college that honors a slavery supporter.

Rivera said Sunday on Twitter that he resigned as an associate fellow of Calhoun College. He said the position was an honor “but intolerant insistence on political correctness is lame.”

Calhoun College was named after 19th century alumnus and former Vice President John C. Calhoun, an ardent supporter of slavery. After years of debate, Yale announced Saturday it is renaming the college after trailblazing computer scientist Grace Murray Hopper.

Yale said in a statement Sunday that it respected Rivera’s decision, but said its choice to rename the college was based on principle, not political correctness.

Would you have stepped down from your position with Yale University because of their decision to change the name of one of their colleges?

What does it say when we give in to the minority of students who have a problem with certain situations? Why don’t those kids just go to another college or university? Geraldo made his choice to step down which I support 100 percent!

Where do you stand on this issue? Should Yale change the name or should they keep it up? Share your opinion below in the comments section and add this article to your Facebook and Twitter timeline.

Why are we allowing these people to change history with no challenge.  We live with the truth whether it is good or bad – stupid, it’s history – it’s real.


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