The following is a opinion by a Texan:

In order to make the lies, half-truths and deliberate distortions more compelling, political correctness must be implemented.  Despite the barbaric cruelty ISIS, “MSNBC host Chris Matthews does not like Republican presidential candidate and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie referring to ISIS as “animals” as it is dehumanizing” (isreview.com)  Amazing.  Destroying national treasure, beheading men and raping little girls is just what animals would do.  Why is Matthews afraid of correct language?  Might it be because proper language communicates truth (that’s what it’s supposed to do – not confuse and obfuscate.)

By the way, has anyone noticed that after 130 French party goers  were mowed down in Paris, national media said they were “killed” – hardly the right word.  People get killed in a thunderstorm or tornado.  These people were “murdered” – the unlawful taking of a life.

This is the theatre in Paris. THIS is what a disarmed society looks like. THIS is what law abiding citizens who turn in their weapons so the government can protect them look like.


Not everyone is afraid to communicate.  Jesse Lee Peterson plain-speaking African-American and founder of BOND, quotes Cicero:  “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious.  But it cannot survive treason from within.”  Peterson correctly finds a multitude of treasonous individuals in America.  He writes about “Muslim savages” who follow “a seventh century madman.  “Yet many Americans are not alarmed because of our leaders.”  Almost all our leaders – instead of standing against the atrocities committed by members of the ‘religion of peace’ – are actually supporting their reign of terror by doing nothing to stop it.  Worse, they are actively working against the few – who are standing up for the American people.  They are cowards and they are traitors.”

The same Obama administration that scrutinizes Tea Party groups and listens to Americans’ phone calls refused to check Facebook to catch a Muslim terrorist and prevent mass murder in San Bernardino.  Long-time conservative activist Gary Bauer was flabbergasted at a December 12 New York Times story that the Department of Homeland Security was barred from reviewing an immigration application social media post as part of the screening process.  DHS officials debated the issue of reviewing social media and the idea was opposed by the Office of Civil liberties and the Office of Privacy.  Tashfeen Malik, wife of Syed Farook, Pakistani immigrants, openly talked about jihad on social media.  When Americans learn facts like this, said Bauer, they either fear something “nefarious” in going on or that the U.S. government is paralyzed by political correctness.  In a National Review commentary, Andrew C. McCarthy pointed out that a visa application from Pakistan is an alien and no legitimate expectation of privacy under U.S. civil rights laws (onenewsnow.com).

However, the real problem lies deeper than Alinsky’s rules for radicals.  No one man, party or group of men is the real source of confusion.  So, what is the real problem? There is a systemic attack on godly values coming from the same source:  same-sex marriages, political correctness that restricts Christian testimony and prayer, transgenderism, radical social engineering, anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, all suggest that this is warfare – spiritual warfare – aimed at unseating God from His rightful place.

Gregory Boyd, in his God at War:  The Bible and Spiritual Conflict gives the overview:  “God’s good creation has in fact bee seized by hostile, evil cosmic forces that are seeking to destroy God’s beneficent plan for the cosmos..The general assumption of both the old and new testaments is that the earth is virtually engulfed by cosmic forces of destruction, and that evil and suffering are ultimately due to this diabolical siege..”

America has been covered by spiritual darkness, and the darkness is especially thick over our nation’s capital.  Unless America returns to God and makes an unequivocal statement against evil in this election year of 1016, our demise is certain.

I certainly have to agree with this person’s analysis.



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