HuffPo Fights Back Against Trump’s Popularity by Posting Derogatory Note on Articles Covering his Campaign

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Here we go again!  Another foreigner trying to pretend she is an American.  They come here for the capitalist system, was married to a senator – notice I said was, makes a lot of money off our system with her ragging machine, and now ragging on one of our potential leaders because she knows the present lawless system will be reversed if Trump wins.

This women was born in Greece, lived in England, and now is trying to tell us what we need to do.  They just have a hard time accepting our freedom and Constitution after living in England and Greece.  They come here with their big mouths and try to tell us how to run our country.  If she doesn’t like it here – she knew the way in and I know she knows the way out.

Now what is the name of her ragging machine – the Huffington Po-Po?

What do we care what this transnational rag machine thinks.  The rag news lied to begin with – Trump said it would be wise to put a TEMPORARY halt on Muslims entering the country until we can get a better handle on how to handle the refugees.  Even the government stated their system was not set up to handle the influx.  So butt out.


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