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If you see one or know one of these paid protestors, would you ask them why they are protesting against their own country?  I have met and known people who always thought the world owed them no matter what it was and always wanted something for nothing.  Protesting for pay is no different.  They have  no clue or don’t really care what they are protesting.  They don’t realize they are putting their life in danger for a person who is not even an American.

This person who has caused such harm in America is not a patriot American; and, his agenda is to get rid of capitalism in America and become a socialist country.  They want to eliminate capitalism but they all have a computer, a cell phone, an ipad, an iphone, and who knows what else.

So in order to get rid of capitalism they need to rid themselves of all of these gadgets.  But, just in case you can’t make that move – you are going to have to keep capitalism because all of this stuff is what is called capitalism.

Next, if you are not happy about your lot in life, go get a job no matter what it is whether it is flipping burgers, cleaning the city streets, mowing yards, etc.  No one is too good to do an honest day of work.  

And in the end, if you do not like the way things are today – in the next election – go vote for Trump who will work to point us in the right direction.   The rest of the candidates are politicians and and lawyers and cannot do anything because they are tied to the apron strings of their sponsor.






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