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This leader is committing another crime by going around Congress  and the separation of powers again.  This leader is working on gun control when the world is on fire.  Just think what his legacy will be  – he committed more crimes than any other leader signing off on executive orders and not working with Congress

If this Democratic Muslim Socialist Party would stop setting up these shooting which are always committed by a Democrat we would not have had these terrible shootings.Obama’s flow of water was interesting.  Also his war of words against the American people’s second amendment rights were certainly showing so that was why the water faucet was used.  How disgusting – Obama – crocodile tears – what is the world  coming to.  Obama has no shame.  What a show-boater!  This guy’s veins run with ice water when it comes to the white people.  Obama’s job continues to be nothing but political theater just like the fighting in the Middle East.  He doesn’t care how many white people are killed fighting his war in the Middle East.  My question is are there any muslims fighting for America in the Middle East in the group of soldiers Obama sent?

The Democrat Muslims and Socialists have shown their true colors to America.  We see the handwriting on the wall in the next election and it doesn’t include the Democrats at all.  Let’s wipe them out in the next election and send them home.




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