Grace: Jesus: Forgiveness: Foundation: Forward

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Yes, it is not easy. The Ten Commandments are so helpful because they will always bring you back to reality. Prayer is my favorite from the time I awake, during the day when times are troubling like now, and then when I go to bed. Prayer is so powerful!



J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

The Gospel is both our foundation and motivation.

Sometimes when I hear a sermon, I think —

“How could I ever live up to this? Why would I even want to do this? What am I doing this for?”

I try to catch up. It feels good on good days, when I’m a nice guy and praying hard and staying clean. But on bad days: my quota comes up short. I’m horrified at my utter lack of conviction. I come up with rules to follow rules, sharpen my prayer-technique, throw lighter-fluid on my computer, buy a wardrobe for a homeless guy.

It doesn’t work. None of this brings me any intimacy with God. It only selfishly points at myself, and I get self-righteous or scared or a sloppy mix of both.

But then — the Gospel is preached. I’m reminded that Jesus died for all the ways I’ve failed, and…

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