It is hard to believe that this country is now a “give me” society.  We have so many people who think they deserve “free” or given everything and do absolutely nothing in return.

We must get back to the roots of our country whereby either you get a job or do community service for that check you receive every month.  There is so much that can be done as volunteer work in any city.  Why is it these people don’t feel guilty about what they are doing – they are stealing from the people who surround them who are working?


The statistics show that an  unwed mother could receive as much as $70,000 a year in “give away”  programs if she played her cards right – unemployment, then food stamps, then Medicaid, then “Pell” grants for schooling, then tax credits for childcare and lastly a free Obama phone.  Is this the road we want to continue with the present leader?


Shouldn’t we, as Americans, who are footing the bill,  have something to say about these free loaders who this leader is continuously bringing into our country from all over the world to intentionally disrupt our economy by taking our jobs or stealing our money from these programs?  And our government are paying these people who come to our country to not kill us?  Does this make sense?

I have to say I am thoroughly disgusted in the way the people (a bunch of pussy willows) who we elected and some of them who are on that stage, outside of Cruz who is fighting these Elites and Democrats all the way, could have done something and have done nothing but vote with Obama to participate in all of this illegal immigration by bringing millions and millions into this country without vetting them and who is the instigator of all of this corruption – it is Obama –  because that is all he knows.  If I were still working and paying my payroll tax, I would still be just as upset about how and where the taxes are being used.

social security

The other point is – what about the policemen that are being killed on a daily basis around the country.  Why haven’t we heard anything from Obama?  Why hasn’t he commented against this and demand that this stop – but no – not a word in support of the policemen.  But let a good for nothing “person” rob a store, assault a policeman and end  up dead from his action – then Obama sends the attorney general to oversee the investigation and proceedings against the police officers – Obama should be ashamed and booted out.  This is the person who is causing all of this disruption:

Going Down to Their Level

Problem is – there is  no one that will confront this leader because he is black!  All of the present Congress, Senate, and Supreme Court are guilty of treason for not doing their job which they swore to uphold the Constitution.

We need to support our police in every way.  We have to elect a new leader that will stop all of this corruption because it all starts with Obama.  Since we have three levels of government, it is time to take a look at the Constitution and see how we can remedy this problem in our country – if the three branches of government will not stand up – it is time for the states to stand up and protect the people against the problems that exist.  We all have to accept the fact that all lives matter – not just blacks – who are only 13.2% of the population.  We are walking around on a crate of eggs that does not exist.

God Help Us!



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