It is going to take all of us to come together to win this next time because Obama is already starting to rig the election in favor of the Democrats.

Isn’t it amazing when the Republican Party, outside of the Elite,  cannot compromise even when they are in the winning spot?  There is one ball of wax and Republicans  keep rolling that ball around trying to attach more wax and then you have Glenn Beck who never wants to compromise because he can’t have the whole ball of wax.  He didn’t even have the courage to attend the get together in Dallas, TX, with Cruz, Trump, etc. to see what the differences were!

It seems he does not like Trump – well who in the hell does he like?  It seems it is okay for Beck to change his vision but not okay for others.  How may times on O’Reilly’s program when he was on Fox that he came out of left field and people still watched him.  He keeps saying, I AM NOT GOING TO COMPROMISE MY BELIEFS.  If you are hanging by your toe nails – sometimes you have to rethink your position as to how to help bring everyone together, leaving out the Elites which will never happen.  We are all striving for the same goals as Christians!

Right now we have a government in power who are Communists Muslim Democrats who are ruining the country and we are trying like hell to get the Republicans back in power; bu. with one hand tied behind us because the Elite Republicans have joined up with the Communists and then you have Glenn pulling against the very people who are trying to help.

We have a man who Beck said is not who he says he is – well which is better the Democrats.  Beck needs to rethink on how we can get back in and I will go along with the self-made man who promises us better days than these Communist Democrats whereby we all lose. Some times the game of life is stack against the situation so you have to pick and chose by holding your nose to get your foot in the door even if you don’t agree.  How about working out your differences – it is called compromise!  Even Jesus compromised!

I was a Democrat at one time but the Democratic Party is not the party I was raised in – they have been kidnapped by the Socialists/Communists/Muslims who want to kill all of us Christians.  So cut out this “holier than thou” crap and rethink the whole situation and see if you can join the team to try to help us come in first?


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