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Subject: Misleading

“Misleading.” “Creating [laws] from scratch.”

This is what a federal court is saying about the Obama Administration and its Executive overreach on immigration.

The court agrees with our arguments. It agrees that President Obama violated the law by forcing his Executive action on the American people.

Yet President Obama will stop at nothing.

He’s now demanding a federal appeals court reject the Constitution and uphold his imperial actions.

We’re aggressively fighting in court to stop this outrage and protect the Constitution.

We’re preparing to file our fourth critical amicus brief – this time in federal appeals court. Our constitutional framework hangs in the balance.

Already dozens of Members of Congress have signed onto this new brief, but we need you to join them.

Our deadline is in just a few days. Add your name to our appellate brief to stop an imperial presidency today.

Sign Our Urgent Brief: Stop Pres. Obama’s Lawlessness in Court.

Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel

As always, let us know of threats to freedom in your area by calling

(757) 226-2489
Legal requests will not be answered through jsekulow@aclj.org. Legal requests must be submitted at ACLJ.org.



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