What to do – What to do – SAYS CHICKEN LITTLE!

You can take “Chicken Little’s way” – see no evil – as Trump wants – don’t address and define the problem – just sweep it under the rug because you might offend someone!  Also, demonize the lady who is trying to protect our freedoms by pointing out the problem.  Remember 9/11, people were aware of this and did nothing to stop it.  It was okay for the Muslims to have a pro-Muslim rally at this venue; but, it wasn’t okay according to Trump to have a Pro-speech rally at this same venue.

The moral is not be chicken; but, all of us needs to have courage.  Is Trump the fox who invites us into its lair and then eats all of us?

How do we  handle the terrorists  after the  Dallas , Texas, attack.  How do you decide who are the terrorists?  It is assumed that all Muslims are governed by Sharia law.  If that is true, they can tell you one thing to make you believe they are your friend; but, when it gets down to the nuts and bolts of any situation, the Sharia takes precedent and they can deceive to win over any opponent  to have the advantage.  The Sharia law is not compatible with the Constitution.  You can haggle all day long; but, in the end Sharia law takes precedent.  Trust, but verify.

These people are saying that you can’t check out everything and everyone.   How much more evidence does this group need?  If someone leaves the United States and goes to the Middle East to train to fight and then returns; what more information do you need?  If they leave, why should they be allowed to return. 

The Democratic Party has created this monster  – it is the leader’s baby –  so   why do you think they would do anything to change anything.  Look at the Boston bombing, they knew all about these brothers; but, did nothing to stop them – just put their file on the shelf.  The Democratic Party, the Pentagon, the Military, the State Department halls are infiltrated with Muslims.  So what do you do?  It is all about “sleeping with the enemy.”  So a vote for a Democrat only increases the continuation of this problem. 

Nothing will change until Congress passes a law outlawing Sharia law  in this country.  Until this is solved nothing will change. 



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