PopeTurkey: Genocide à la Carte

Pope Francis speaks at a mass commemorating the centenary of the Armenian genocide,   on April 12, 2015, and committed by Turkey.  The problem is Turkey won’t admit this was committed by its country and  now as we all know Turkey has turned tail and is now backing the Muslim side of this present conflict and is helping the Muslims with all of the genocide again in the Middle East.

by Burak Bekdil • April 16, 2015
Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu accused the Holy See of ignoring the pain suffered by Muslims and Turks. Cavusoglu did not say why Muslims and Turks tend to ignore the pain suffered by other faiths and other nations.

Such political controversies as the Pope’s speech always offer golden opportunities to Turkish officials who would not miss exploiting them in order to look pretty to an Islamist government and hope for a brighter career.


Is this Turkey?  Just biding their time being Muslim?

It seems as if Turkey’s ruling politicians are in a race to look less and less convincing to an already suspicious international audience. How they defended their ancestors’ sins a century ago earned them new points in the race, and made them look even more odd than before.

The tragic events of 1915-1920 that killed 1.5 million Ottoman Armenians have been recognized as genocide by a total of 22 countries in the world, 44 states in the United States, two states in Australia, three in Brazil, four regions and three cities in Spain, two in Syria, five provinces in Bulgaria, one in Colombia, one regional parliament in the Netherlands, one regional parliament in Italy and one in Iran.


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