Following is a post that should be expressed!  It was so disappointing during  Ferguson, MO’s,  first  protesting – when the Democratic  Party Governor stated, “that the police would stand by and let these protestors vent their frustration because of the killing.”  From the Governors decisions, it seems he doesn’t have common sense growing in his garden.  So what followed was a night of looting and burning down the town with no one, initially, doing anything to protect the town.  In the second protesting when the Grand Jury results were given it seems the National Guard was given a stand by order and the looters actually burned down the town again (who were the same people who were being paid to protest at the first protest and were released and showed up for the second protesting, spent a night in jail, and then released the next morning and no one was charged).   Since when do you allow people to destroy public property in the name of venting frustration?   This Governor should be held accountable for his dereliction of duty and removed from office because he failed to keep the town safe.

Statistics show that not one pair of work boots was stolen in Ferguson during all of the nights of looting.


Dunno who Fern Queen is, but she's right.

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