Our leader is off to China for his second visit.  It looks like he is taking Harry S. Truman’s, former president, advice – if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

If a voter identification picture is not in place, how do you prove that the person is legally able to vote?  It has been stated that non-citizens are registering and voting.  How do the states monitor this problem.  The overall evidence points to the fact that non-citizens have had an impact on the outcome of some of our elections.  If Obama grants amnesty to more illegals it will only make the problem of voter fraud worse.  

The fact he isn’t taking action until after the election shows that he is just bypassing lawmakers – but also the American people.  Obama is well aware the majority of Americans oppose amnesty.  The voters have shown their  opposition by voting against his policies and members of his party in this last election.  He has snubbed the constitution time and time again.

 New reports indicate a draft proposal that indicated the Immigration Services is looking for a private vendor that has the capacity to produce 30 million work permits and green cards over the next five years and be ready for 9 million illegals.  Such a move by Obama would certainly  cause economic and security concerns by the country being overrun with illegals.  

Is Obama, who acts like he is so concerned about raising the minimum wage, not the least bit concerned about the flood of low-skill workers and how this would affect the U.S. economy and many of the very American citizens he pretends to want to help move up the economic ladder.  Is he ignoring the huge burden amnesty will place on the America taxpayer?

The fact that we appear to have no control over our borders with tens of thousand of people flooding the Southern border earlier this year and the Obama administration has trouble when deporting criminals who are here illegally.  Americans have a right to be concerned about their safety and security.  Again, the American people showed their disapproval of the Democratic Party and Obama’s policies  at the voting booth on November 4, 2014.


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