As we all know the immigration laws in America have not been enforced for many years.  It has baffled me why the government continue to want open borders.  Watching this video certainly explains the reason for the open borders and why the government continues to allow anyone to enter the country.  For years, the immigration system rules were that you had to have a sponsor for the person entering and you had to have a skill to offer the country.  The reason for this open border is the government needs more slaves for the Democratic Party since  the black people have woken up to the fact that education is the route to take.  Because as the education system has shown you don’t have to learn anything and nothing has to be taught to receive a paperless diploma.  This has to change in order for the country to be competitive.  The Republican Party is just as guilty of allowing these uneducated people to enter the country so they can have a low-wage work force.  Although both parties have bitten off more than they can chew because the number of people have outpaced the number of companies and jobs since the parties have forced all of the high-paying jobs outside of the country to spread the wealth.

According to a researcher at Harvard, success doesn’t lead to happiness, but happiness leads to success.  The researcher made the discovery after reading his grandmother’s throw pillow.



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