Above  is a song by Hank Williams, There is a Tear in my Beer, which I thought you might enjoy while reading this blog.

With Ebola being played on the air waves and Obama attending the Hispanic’s Caucus Annual Awards dinner, Obama was trying to clear the chilled air to quell doubts he’ll use his presidential powers to act on immigration and telling them, “it’s not a question of if,  but when?”  His strange statement, “if anybody wants to know where my heart is, or whether I want to have this fight, let me put those questions to rest right now – I am not going to give  up this fight until it gets done.” How do you have a fight with a pen and phone?  He was interrupted twice by an undocumented audience member who was reportedly escorted out by security.  

His statement, “yes, we can” was a rerun in a twist of his 2008 campaign slogan.  Just think what that slogan means to past voters – yes, we can – unemployment, stagnant wages, no jobs, terrorists running ramped, wars in the Middle East, Ebola in our country, the border is not closed (will President Nieto of Mexico now want to close the border with Ebola licking at his heels in Texas), and all of the scandals facing our leader.  So, is this a true statement or is it another “pie in the sky?”  How solid of a foundation is an executive order on immigration?  The White House has not come forward with what unilateral actions Obama is considering; and, the legal experts differ about how far Obama can go without Congress.  

At the present time we have 11.5 million immigrants here, illegally.  Will he break the law again and will this executive order be binding?  Instead of breaking the law, how about working with Congress for once and bring about a law and order immigration law and closing the borders so that more of Ebola won’t come in or spread to Mexico or Canada.



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