In the last election, the women in the country voted for the leader in large numbers because as usual he promised them free birth control pills and abortion which were already on the landscape and available.  The abortion issue was enhanced to be sure when a woman did go through this procedure that it would happen at a clinic that was near a hospital in case  something went wrong and the mother could be saved.  A good example of this was Joan Rivers who went to a clinic for a minor procedure and look where she is today.  As far as the birth control pills, they are free at a number of locations.

So when these Socialist Democrats tell you “there is a war on women”  the women need to ask for further explanation.  The Democratic Party has gone astray and I hate to keep barking on this;  but,  it has been hijacked by the Progressives and the Muslims which is the Democratic Party. This is not the Democratic Party that I belonged to years ago.

Obama and the Clinton’s are misleading the American people (remember Benghazi – what difference does it make) again, and again, and all of the other scandals. In this day and age, a vote for the Democratic Party is a vote for Islam!  And, we all know about the slavery of women and children is typical of their belief in strict Sharia law.  We have to put this country back on the right track to constitutional principles.  Our leader and the Clinton’s mock words like “freedom and liberty.”  These are the words that stand in the way of unconstitutional power grabs.  These words, freedom, liberty, and exceptionalism are not just words – they are America.  Remember our leader telling the world we were not exceptional?  Hog wash!  Initially, people were led to believe our leader was exceptional because they elected him.  In fact, twice – duh –  and now we have found out that our leader is not exceptional because he is trying to lead our country down the path to Islam.   

Therefore, when you cast your vote, remember your vote for a Democrat is a vote for Islam!



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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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