As we all know in the past two elections, millennials stood out in the past two presidential elections as strikingly Democratic and far more supportive than older generations of Obama.  Although they have joined the older adults now in lowering their assessments of the president at the current time, it has been found that attitude formed in early adulthood doesn’t always stay fixed.  The millennials will have to understand “they made their bed and now they will have to lay in it – until they straighten it out.”  And if they like the way things are going – then they will just have to live with it.   About half of all Boomers say their political views have grown more conservative as they have aged, while 35 percent say they have grown more liberal.  

As parents, we have allowed this to happen in the millennials thinking.  We failed to follow-up on the educational system and what these people were drilling into our children’s heads.  The biggest drawback for parents in raising children was and is the educational system and that is why a lot of parents are sending children to private schools and home-schooling them.  I have personally witnessed the educational system being  hijacked by liberals. They are pushing their political beliefs of liberalism on our children from the beginning through their college experience. I encourage all parents to take a greater interest in your children to see, actually, what is being taught in your child’s classroom.  In the end, the educational system loses a lot of children because of the lack of actual education that is being taught and then most of these children are being socially promoted without the knowledge needed.  But, once they exit the educational system, start their career, and then start drawing their paychecks, they begin to see how the world and capitalism really works.  In our own family, it took about ten years for this liberal thinking to change and to see the world in terms of reality.

The millennials are unattached to organized politics and religion and are basically linked by social media, burdened by debt, distrustful of people, in no rush to marry – but are optimistic about the future.  Millennials are also the first in the modern era to have such high levels of student loan debt, poverty and unemployment, and lower levels of wealth and personal income than the Gen X’ers and Boomers had at the same stage of their life.  Millennials lead all generations in the share of out-of-wedlock births.  In 2012, 47% of births to women in the Millennial generation were non-marital, compared with 21% among older women.  

Millennials are the nation’s most stubborn economic optimists – which is good.  Because with the world they are faced with they are going to need this optimism to succeed.  It is going to take years to reverse the present economic situation if the Democrats remain in office.  It will only get worse with the spending and debt.  More than eight in ten say they currently have enough money to lead the lives they want or expect to in the future even under their terms of unemployment.  This optimism may simply reflect the timeless confidence of youth.  

In politics, millennial are Independents, but have voted Democrats and do not see any big differences between the parties.  I wonder when they voted and elected Obama in the last two elections and the direction the Democratic Party  (progressives) is taking the country – which is not good – will they recognize the mistake they created  by electing Obama?   Only time will tell!  Or maybe they enjoy this life of being burdened with the debt, Obamacare,  wars, and high taxes!

In religion, their religious views and behaviors are very different from older groups.  They are less likely to say they believe in God – although a solid majority still do (86%) – but only 58% say they are “absolutely certain” that God exists.  It will be interesting to see as they progress in life and encounter life and death matters if their views and behaviors will change like the rest of us.


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