Watching the leader of the free world last  night in his CBS interview with Steve Kroft was pathetic and sad.  This man would feel so much better if he would just tell the truth and get it over with.  He is still denying that we are at “AT WAR” with ISIS or ISIL, al Qaeda, Khorasan, Taliban or whatever you want to call these people.  Then he makes up this Korastan name to throw the people off as if this was a new group fighting in this war – when all of the time it was the same old, same old’s al Qaeda which he said was decimated earlier. And then he thinks the American people should believe anything he speaks? Mr. Leader, the people in America were not born yesterday.  You can fool some of the people who follow you some of the time because of their lack of intelligence; but, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time and your number is up for people believing you or your administration.  

He can say all day long that we are  not at war with ISLAM but it does not make it so.  Mr. Leader, these people who are fighting this war in the name of ISLAM – they have declared war on the world, not just  America.  He continues to blame Clapper, his intelligence guru, because of his own failure of not wanting to hear the true intelligence from the military.  When will he put on his big man’s pants and own up to his own failures of firing all of the high-profile intelligent military people who were telling him the truth all along and he did not want to hear it.  Mr. Leader,  you cannot serve two masters and that is what you are trying to do.  Trying to serve Islam and Christianity!  You keep saying that Islam speaks for peace.  How can you say that with the Islam’s commandments of hate, cutting people’s heads off, and not interfacing with anyone that is outside your Islam faith?  You cannot have hate and love in the same platform.  Show me where “love” is spoken anywhere in Islam?  Hate will never win over love!  It is Islam that must change to be inclusive in the world.  They cannot stand alone!

His speech at the United Nations last week whereby he stated that, “terrorism will not be my top priority.”  It might not be the leader’s  top priority but it is certainly all of the terrorists’ top priority.  And, just accept reality in that we do have boots on the ground throughout the world whether you want to admit it or not.  Your legacy will tell the truth, not you!  The truth always surfaces! Do you want to end up like your Father – a failure?  You still have time to make that change that you so eloquently stated  before your election and end up helping the world – not yourself!



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