Katie Keiffer’s new book name is  one of Obama’s famous words, “let me be clear.”   In her interview on Fox, Katie stated “that the millennials are abandoning the leader” due to the things he promised such as cheaper college loans and promising to make things better in the country.  We have seen presidents come and go from Kennedy to Clinton who charmed the country into their party.  But, the biggest seducer was Obama who sold 95 million Americans a bill of goods which did not have a guarantee and are stuck with him.

The polls show Obama’s job approval dropping to 41 percent which is down from 52 percent in April 2013.  As we all know the millennials are very tech-savvy and were absolutely flabbergasted that the government produced a website that was not ready for prime time.  In fact, it still is on the “does not work list.”  The millennials know they have the upper hand in the voting booth by having a higher percentage than the general population who are Hispanic or Black.

Then you have the cost of Obamacare which is out of site for this group – whereby they are subsidizing the whole program – the over 50 group and all of the illegals.  Then were shocked to find out the government lied about keeping your insurance and doctor.  But the morale killer was the government could not produce a workable website.  In a tech-savvy environment that is unthinkable.  

They leave college with credit-card debt and student-loan debt to enter a market that does not exist because of the lack of jobs.  Therefore, the next step is the parent’s basement and pounding the pavement for a job that will pay peanuts.  

Yes, let’s be very clear, the next time in the voting process to go back in time no matter how far and regardless of who is running  and review their past and be sure they are qualified.  Everyone needs to do a better job of vetting than they did with Obama. The fact that he was a black man made people afraid to ask questions and when they did they were called racist.  In the end they got what they deserved.  Whoever the next president is, he will have a big job on his plate to  reverse all of the executive orders that have been put in place by Obama, especially Obamacare.

There is always hope out there; but, as far as the change he was pushing was not the kind of change they assumed he was talking about.  And, any time you assume anything – you make an ASS-out of-U-and ME!


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    It is time to remind everyone of what we got into by electing this, “LET ME BE CLEAR” guy. It is time for the American people to be very clear in this next election.



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