July 3, 2014

What a great country!  I want all of you to stand up and say the Pledge every morning until we correct the injustice that this administration is putting on the working folks’  backs.  I know, there are some people who don’t feel that way, but they are the minority.  How could you feel that you hated this country which has so much to offer anyone – if you just get off your backside?  Our biggest problem is that the government continues to abuse our immigration system and our borders.  Just take a look at what is going on in the system right now, a deliberate attempt to bring more immigrants under the guise of hardship in Central America.   And, what do these people shown below in the media and administration continue to do – exploit America’s laws.  Some of the faces shown, plus their workers are outsiders and are not Americans – they are from outside the country and have come to America and try to bring us to our knees.  The leader of this free nation, Obama, and Eric Holder are an anchor around our necks and are to be added to the listed of most  people who want to do us harm in America because they are subverting our laws and freedom of speech for their own political gain which is to make this country into a third world communist nation. Thank goodness the people of California are finally standing up to these tyrants and refusing to let these three bus loads of immigrants enter their city.  Folks, it is now or never.  Just read the history when the Brits turned over Africa to this same culture of thinking and now what do you have is chaos and these same type of folks are trying to do this to America.  You know what, we don’t have to buy their published garbage.

June 28, 2014

We keep talking about the main street media and the fact they absolutely will not cover the real scandals that are out there.  This might clear up the muddy waters of who is really covering  up the scandals and why. Following is the reason and it is all about kin folks and protecting their jobs.  It is not what you know – but who you know!  It is called “paternalism.”   And, as the blind man spoke – now, I see!  You talk about a conflict of interest.


    1. Eric Holder










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    Nothing has changed in this venue. Our leadership that the Democrats voted into power is getting worse – take a look and see what they instigated in Ferguson, MO, and then Baltimore, MD. The more money we feed into the hole, the worse it gets. The Democratic Party does not ever preach self-responsibility to the minority because they would wise up and see what “freedom” really means. Just imagine waking up, smelling the coffee, dressing to go to work, interfacing with other like-minded folks, and returning home with a pay check that you EARNED. That is America and being PROUD! Not what we saw on the streets of Ferguson and Baltimore. Just think which party is it that deals in the slave market – the Democratic Party.


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