In order to better understand the Muslim Brotherhood (MB),  the following information is to give you a better idea about this organization.  Great Britain is investigating the Muslim Brotherhood in that country.  The Prime Minister announced on April 1 that a long-overdue investigation of the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood  (MB) in that country is being conducted.  They are particularly checking out their involvement in February’s terror attack at the Egyptian resort of Taba. 

They want to find out what this organization stands for, what its beliefs are, and what is this organization in terms of the path of extremism and violent extremes, what its connections are with other groups, and what its presence is in the UK.  Our policies should be informed by a complete picture of that knowledge.  It is an important piece of work because we will only get our policy right if we fully understand the true nature  of the organization we are dealing with. 

The UK school system in a number of cities is having difficulty dealing with the MB because their past practice has been –  they go in and impose Sharia law to establish an Islamic state.  Example, the Muslims attending Christian schools in Jerusalem continue to complain about not being able to dress in their Muslim dress.  As the school states, “if you want to dress in your Muslim clothes you need to go to a Muslim school, this is a Christian school.”  Good for that administrator! 

The only thing I have found during my working days and being involved in the training sessions of the Muslim people who were at our plant are – they were very pushy and argumentative people.  I could not see how they could run any kind of operation or business because of the prayer time they required  (five times per day) and when that time comes they leave for the prayer room which was set up at the plant.  

The MB objective is to strike terror into the hearts of God’s enemies, who are also the enemies of the advocates of Islam.  This is quote from Seyyid Qutb, Chief Ideologue of the MB.  This was certainly evident during 9/11 as we all experienced.  The important part is that you have to confront the terror head on.

The problem is not so much the MB –  as the schizophrenia of governments that one day condemn them and the next day work with them.   The United States needs to conduct this same type of investigation sooner than later.


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