June 28, 2014 – UPDATE

Mariam Ibrahim who escaped a death sentence over her marriage to a Christian man, but then was detained Wednesday when she tried to leave the country was released Thursday.  The family was at the airport waiting for a flight to the U.S. when she was rearrested and charged with holding false documents to leave the country.  They gave her freedom after several foreign diplomats pressured Sudan authorities to let her go.   Ibrahim was convicted earlier of apostasy, which is the abandonment of one’s Muslim religion.  She was raised by her Christian mother, and her dad is Muslim, and according to the Sharia law observed in Sudan, children must follow their dad’s faith.  Muslim women are also banned from marrying anyone outside their Muslim religion.  However, this law does not apply to men (wow, how discriminating).  Sudan’s penal code also forbids Muslims from converting to other religions, a crime punishable by death.  These people are still living in the stone age! 


Why didn’t the police  stop the brick stoning of a three-month pregnant woman by 20 people, including her father, brother, and cousins in Lahore, Pakistan.  The family,  before the mother died, had given them permission to marry.  After the mother died, the family changed their mind and the family had demanded $100,000 rupees (which equals to $1,000) if the couple wanted to stay alive.  She was stoned because she married a Christian and refused to participate in an arranged marriage.  This is a common occurrence in the Muslim world.  The Human Rights Committee reported that 869 women in the country were killed because the woman’s action brought shame on her family.  So called honor-killings often originate from tribal traditions.  The Muslims state that killings are not a part of Islam.  So why do they continue to allow it?  There wasn’t any noise coming out of the Muslim world  when these killings occurred.  These 20 people have murdered this woman.    Nobody tried to help the woman because the community consider it a private matter in the village.     

Another killing of a Sudanese woman who was a Muslim and was sentenced to death because she married a Christian and did not renounce her Christianity.  She has recently given birth to a little girl in prison.  She was convicted of apostasy, or the renunciation of faith.  Her husband is a U.S. citizen and uses a wheel chair and is dependant on his wife.

This tells you how little these people value a person’s life even a family member, especially the children suicide bombers who are trained from an early age.  Where is the United Nations.  Why are they not performing their civil rights duties instead of allowing this to continue to happen.


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