Harvard Kennedy School is adding a course entitled, “Checking Your Privilege 101.”  The definition of privilege is the special right or favor given to some person or group.  I could not think of a better school to emphasize this course.  This week it is, Privilege 101 – last week it was, “The Black Mass.” What is next?   Who is deciding what courses will be placed on the roll call?   The administrators stated “that the students have requested this course – are you sure?  Is this another brain-washing by a college.  This is reverse racism and it toes more than the line. 

In my eyes, why would any one want to question their birth and character?  The only group questioning anything is the U.S. government administration which has been out there trying to dump on this country and analyze social inequality.  Also, this “guilt” by birth is no different from “you did not build that.”  It is part of an indoctrination scheme that builds  into a communist future.  

Some member of a given family in the past  in a privileged family worked for it and they built it, like it or not.  If you are not privileged then you have the future to become privileged.  Just being a citizen in America makes all people privileged.   

Not one particular person should ever feel guilty about their heritage.  The problem in this country is you have a lot of lazy people who have this notion “that you have it, I want it” and my answer to them is “go out and work for it and that will earn you some privilege.” Who is to decide whether any one person who has been told they were talented deserves being privileged – the government?   Any son or daughter who have been talked into this  notion that they should be ashamed because they do have money and along with money comes privilege and responsibility, they must have lost their common sense along the way.  How about a course in common sense?  If they are not happy with that responsibility, I would suggest they pass around some of this guilty money. Then they could go out into the world and earn some privilege the old fashion way – EARN IT. This is nothing but a liberal college feel good exercise.  Why don’t these students in this feel good class, instead, learn how to use a hammer and then they  can say, “I built that.”






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