Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSFR) owns all of the rail lines in the U.S. connecting to western Canada and they haul 80% plus of the crude from Canada to the mid-west and Texas or charge other Short Line railroads a fee to use their tracks.  BNSFR charges $30 per barrel to haul the oil by rail; whereby, if the Keystone Pipeline were in use, it would cost $10 according to the State Department.  The BNSFR is owned by Berkshire  Hathaway,  whose Chairman is Warren Buffet.

In the last two election cycles, Buffet gave extensively to Democrat causes and candidates, including $40,000 to Obama in 2012.  He also bundled and hosted numerous fundraisers for Obama.    Now do you think this has anything to do with Obama not signing off on the Keystone Pipeline?

If that pipeline was in service,  just  think,  by wild goose standards that Omaha business man probably would stand to lose about $2 billion a year and the longer it is not in service this fella’s cash register is rolling down the tracks with a sound that echos,  “ca-ching.”

The State Department’s own reports shows that transmission by pipeline produces less green house gases than transportation by rail.  Now, how many  carbon footprint credits does Mr. Omaha owe the American people for all of those green house gases?

This is what you call CRONY capitalism at its finest!  And, the American people are always hung out to dry.   Just think of all the jobs one person is keeping America from having, plus all of the minimum wage jobs that follow these high-paying jobs.  It looks like our leader is spoofing us again with all of this talk about – inequality of pay, war on women, and minimum wage.  Just think if the pipeline were approved – up and running – the minimum wage would take care of itself.  The truth is the government is trying to catch up with the welfare system. by trying to up the minimum wage to $15.00 per hour. Hawaii is the biggest offender, where welfare recipients earn $29.13 per hour or a $60,590 yearly salary, all for doing  nothing.

To give you an example of inflation, following was the price of gas the day our leader took office; and, our price today is $3.47 per gallon:





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