Tonight, Fox News reviewed the entire story of Benghazi from the beginning of the attack until today.  The two big things that struck me was the military side in that the military stated they could have tried to save these people but were not given the orders – only to stand down. Due to the number of hours the attack lasted, in a lay person’s eyes – they had plenty of time to get there.  The next omission which was not discussed was the severity in which the Ambassador was tortured.  This video must be shown in order for the people of this country to understand how inhumane the Muslim terrorists are. This man loved the people of this country and did not deserve to die in this fashion – to be prodded, raped, dragged through the street like an animal  (in America it is against the law to even treat an animal in this fashion), and stripped of  his dignity before he was killed.  In the end, the questions that are still waiting to be answered are:  Where was the leader that night?  Who gave the order to stand down?  Why were the talking points altered and by who?

The last question: Is the man  who they  displayed on television when they arrested him and claimed he made the Muslim video which was supposed to have caused the protest that was never a protest – is he still in jail?  The man should be compensated for this illegal arrest!  That alone should put egg on every one of these people’s faces like, Obama, Clinton, Rice, Carney, all of the government people, and all of the television stations throughout the world who participated in this lie and cover-up.

Hopefully all of this will resolved and the truth will prevail.  Then, maybe our Ambassador and the other three who were killed and their families can “rest in peace.”


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