How rude can you be?  You, George Clooney, are a dinner guest in Las Vegas of Steve Wynn’s and are having a discussion about politics  (Although, my family taught that  you never, ever discussed politics or religion outside the home, unless your host started the conversation.) and you do not like the direction of the discussion – do you jump up, proclaim that your host is discussing “one of your friends” and then leave the room in a huff?  

 No, Mr. Clooney, the polite thing to do was to either accept the comment without a reply or to politely disagree with Mr. Wynn. But, to display your child-like behavior only tells everyone you do not like a good solid debate or maybe you did not have anything solid to debate? You see, that is the problem with our country, we have  no adults in the Democratic Party.  It is either “their way or the highway.”  Your exiting the room in a huff only made you look bad for your lack of  compromise by not accepting the host’s comment and disrupting the whole dinner party.  Just think this would have been a good time for you to justify your friend’s leadership of this great country.

April 28, 2014  

Is this guy trying to change the subject by giving a gal a ring?


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