Is the New York Times plagiarizing Cliven Bundy’s words about racism to put the Republicans on the spot?   Were they deliberately trying to spread racism where there is none and is this  newspaper now trying to hide under a veil of propaganda?  This story is about Cliven Bundy’s rights as an American citizen.  Why wasn’t this settled in a court of law?  Whoever sent these over-reaching Federal Rangers out to his home with snipers and dogs  and attacking his family and destroying his property certainly did not know what they were doing.  Is this the way Bureau of Land Management (BLM) handles their problems, mobster style?  We all agree,  Bundy must abide by the law and pay his taxes.  But, the New York Times is playing attack dog for the Democrats now by attacking the Republicans who stood up for Mr. Bundy. The stand-up was for the manner in which this situation was handled when they were trying to confiscate 500 of Mr. Bundy’s cattle, forcibly – not for Bundy and his taxes or any other comment he makes.

Mr. Craig Leff, Harry Reid’s former employee in Washington and now the deputy assistant director with the BLM, said, “The gather is now over.  Our focus is pursuing this matter administratively and judicially.”  Why wasn’t this done to begin with?  Or, was this another coordinated  “flash in the pan” by the Socialist Democrats to upset the people in America so they won’t keep their mind on Obamacare, Benghazi, IRS, and no jobs?  It seems the New York Times reporter immediately started calling Republicans about the slavery remark.  Did he call any Democrats to see what their reactions were?  He didn’t print any Democrats’ comments if he did!

The reporter of the New York Times needs to take his article and let a Southerner explain to him in plain English what Bundy’s statement about slavery means. Undoubtedly, he has never lived in the south.  The people in the south have relatives that lived this remark whether you are white, black or brown.  That is part of the history of this country.   What was the reporter’s article insinuating?  That Bundy’s remark about slavery was racist and that is why everyone ran for cover because the light was turned on our past history!  We must never be afraid of talking and must never forget about the country’s history.  We must learn from our past road map and learn from it.   The definition of slavery is the practice of owning slaves and the condition of being a slave. As we all know the 13th amendment abolished slavery in the U.S.  Thank God! 


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