Why does the government need to own 82 percent of the land in the state of Nevada?  My question now is how many acres in all of the states in the United States does the government claim to own?  This government did the same thing to people in California who were trying to make a living growing crops and actually denied them water because of some little fish and ran them out of business. This is actually what they are trying to do to the people of Nevada.  Look at the price of beef today, $8.50 per pound.  Strictly because we have less and less ranchers in this country due to this type of government over reach.  The American people are going to have to decide who is more important – people’s livelihood or a fish or a turtle.  This needs to be clarified! The Bureau of Land Management has gotten out of control and needs to be corralled.  As a land owner, you do not want to get involved with this bureau – they are the “bad news bears.”  Where was Harry Reid during this stand-off?  Doesn’t he represent the citizens of Nevada?  What is his affiliation with this Land Management group and all of the land grabbing? 

It seems I remember some couple fought the bureau for years because they had a lot in a subdivision, mind you, and they wanted to build their dream home and this group would not allow it because there was some little insect on the property and declared it a habitat.  In the end, the people were successful in battling them in court,  but also spent a lot of  money achieving their dream.  This should not happen in America!

Our neighbors tried to work with the land management in removing cedars from their property.  The government group paid so much to remove the cedars because of the amount of water they absorb each day.  The tree removal people came in and did their job and the cedars were piled to burn with the government and the fire department standing by with their truck and observing where to burn and how large the stack.  Well bless, Pat,  they put the stack to be burned directly under the electrical and phone lines and started the fire.  And the rest of the story was that we were out of power and phone for a week – they burned the lines down, plus catching a huge oak tree on fire.    So much for getting the government involved.  When we removed our cedar trees our friend at the court-house cautioned us –  you don’t want to get involved with those people.  Thank goodness, we did not!


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