Another speech and our leader is blasting the GOP  on the tired old subject of  “voter restrictions” by requiring a photo identification.  All of us know the drill in this country for all of the reasons that require a photo identification so we know the reason this speech giver does not want people to be required to have an identification at the polls – it is called “CHEATERS ROW.”   It happens in every election cycle.  When he was speaking, I just had to chuckle.  His statement, “about 60 percent of Americans don’t have a passport.  Just because you can’t have the money to travel abroad doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to vote here at home.”  That is laughable – that is about as lame a statement as I have ever heard.  Undoubtedly, he has not been to the doctor and have had to present a driver’s license with your medicare card or your insurance card.  This is called “lame brain” politics.  The reports for the last election is unbelievable in the reporting of voter fraud throughout the country and nothing has been done to these people, i.e., the woman who voted five times – one ballot, one mail ballot, once for her niece, once for her nephew, once for who knows who and nothing has been done to this person.  How many times does this happen in each election?  The penalty for these cases needs to be 10 years of jail time and all of this foolishness would stop.  As we all know, the “real” folks in the country want voter laws to safeguard the voting process and is not a ruse to limit turnout.  In Texas, we have put up with this since day one because these Democrats in each election cycle try to come up with a new “cheater’s” plan, i.e., dead people voting is big time because when a person dies they do not take them off the voting rolls until a relative requests it.  Do they not receive a call which is required by law at the Social Security office that a death has occurred and then why can’t that office take the next step to remove that person from the voter’s rolls?  No folks, that is too easy and honest!

So,  we will continue to hear the harp playing this same old dead-beat tune until November, 2014 – “IF YOU CHEAT, YOU WIN BY A LARGE MARGIN” and has been written by the Socialist Democratic Party.

As we all know, the Supreme Court has ruled that “voter identification laws are constitutional” –  so suck it up and let’s move on!  Strange I did not hear our leader speak to this group about the new jobs that would be created when he signs the Keystone Pipeline that would give that particular group a lot of jobs; how he is trying to solve the Benghazi mystery (where four people were killed); how he is trying to solve and bring to justice the IRS scandal people; and, lastly, solving the Fast and Furious whereby one person was killed.  Just think he could have said a lot to inspire this group of people – but that is not his style.

Another example of – the man who thought he was king – had no clothes.



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