The “no child left behind act” was to close the gap with accountability, flexibility, and choice, so that no child was left behind in their school life.  The problem with this program is it created an atmosphere of gaming the system.  It put a lot of pressure on the system in total in order to reach certain goals not for the child but for the school.   Most of my family are in the teaching profession and after discussing this subject the biggest problem from my point of  view is the acceleration of students without actually developing the basic skills in reading, writing, and arithmetic (no different from social promoting children).  What good is any program if the  child does not have the three R’s skills?  As the child advances, he loses all interest because he cannot participate for lack of knowledge, is lost, and loses interest and quits.  In the end, what good has been achieved just by elevating them.  Special classes must be established to take care of the children who are slow learners.  This person cannot go out in the world and compete in any environment if he cannot read, write or add and subtract.  This must be a requirement.  There has been many examples of children graduating from high school and entering college and they cannot read or write.  How and who lets this happen?  Now, the core program has entered the picture and some states have adopted this program and others have rejected it.  In my opinion, anything that is controlled by the Federal government is not going to work because you must have the states, cities, and parents involved and responsible.  One size does not fit all.  We must get the Union out of the schools or we have to put pressure on the Union to hire more efficient teachers and by giving the Union some competition by building more charter schools and focus on the children not politics.

Also, we must put recess and physical education (gym)  back into the whole school system.  The government removed it to include other studies and now they are complaining that our children are obese.  Why because they do not get any exercise each day.  What did they expect? 


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