Today’s hearing with the IRS was absolutely disgusting. The head IRS guy kept poking his finger in the eye of every single one of the Committee members.  The rub was the committee had not been given the information they had requested which was all of the emails from “Ms. Lerner.” The audacity of this  head IRS person when he stated it would take years to retrieve all of these emails of hers. What!  The IRS guy sounds just like the Obamacare head lady when they asked her how many people had paid for this insurance and she said she did not know.  They must not know how to read these generated reports.  And this guy is running the IRS?   It is puzzling to me, if you have a subpoena and this head guy doesn’t supply the information which had been requested months before, then you need to go to the next step.  You have to take the bull by the horns!  This IRS guy is making all of you look like fools by stalling.

April 11, 2014

When Elijah Cummings started squirming in his seat and stated “that as far as he was concerned the meeting was over and there was no smoking gun” at the hearing, I thought that was a sign that he was involved in the scandal. He was too anxious to have the meeting over. Well,  what do  you know, it seems an email has surfaced that he was communicating with Ms. Lerner about the targeting of conservatives and actually inquired about specific conservatives who were targeted.  Now it seems he was in on the scandal  and just sat there and lied to the American people.


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