According to the Cook ratings, there are now 8 (eight) Democratic seats up for grabs in November, 2014.  The toss-up is due to the dumb down of America that has been attributed to this administration, plus the last presidential election.  The change that this leader espoused in his campaign has taken this country to a new low – just like Chicago – where all of these people came from.  I cannot say that too many times because I do not want people to forget.    A lot of people now understand the country did indeed make a mistake in their selection of a leader and this can be corrected in November.  

In this next election in November, 2014,  we have to elect people who have the Constitution philosophy in their hearts and minds and are qualified.  We have people in the Senate who have been their too long and do not want the responsibility of governing, only the “go along to get along” policy and draw their pay –  too many Republicans who are not really Republicans.  The Republican Congress has passed bill after bill and sent it to the Senate and what happens – Mr. Harry pigeon-holes it.  So it is the Senate side that needs a complete overhaul!  


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