What happened to the March 31 deadline for Obamacare? It seems that politics and egos have stepped in again and created another misstep in the flawed law.  Speaker Boehner stated last evening that the Congress sent some bills, yesterday, to Speaker Harry in the Senate to help out the Democrats by correcting some of the missteps this bill poses.  But, as usual, Reid is too busy in left field trying to blame the Republicans now for the Ukraine mess. Planning – what is that?  These Democrats take to planning as much as they like justifying their expense accounts.    The manager of the Obamacare stated they did not know how many people have paid for their policies; and, we know you don’t have a policy until you pay the piper.  Why do they not know?  With the technology in the computer system they have on hand and they can’t find the report that gives that number – OH, MY!- we do have a problem!  I guess it would be hard trying to find it in the thousands of pages in this bill – it is buried somewhere!  Wonder what the next bag of tricks will be! Senator Harry – you need to listen to the American people.  The American people have spoken and they do  not want to get involved in the Ukraine uprising.  By the way Senator Harry, it was stated in a magazine if you  have a hard time thinking – you need to hold a finger over your right nostril and breath deeply for a 25 count and this will induce your brain power when you have an electrical failure.  


They did it again!

Hope this helps!


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