What is respect?  Respect is when you honor other people and their feelings.  It is also allowing people to live their own lives and living one’s own life so as not to interfere with the lives of others.  It is people living their own life and having enough faith in their own life that another person’s way of life doesn’t threaten them.  At times it is valuable to throw light into the dark places of your life.  When I think of respect and dark places, I think of Nancy Pelosi standing at the podium throwing out ridiculous statements as she does.   Wonder what her family thinks of her and what does her grandchildren think when she makes remark such as the one she made today – that the Republicans don’t care about hungary children when overall children are fed breakfast and lunch at school.  We have over 50 percent of families who are on food stamps and other assistance.  Instead she needs to be talking about the “crappy” education the Unions are furnishing these young people.   It is sad that she has to spend so much time using that podium for vitriol.  She must take an “ugly” pill each morning before she leaves for the halls of Congress.  Doesn’t she realize that the American people will remember her as the woman who did not achieve anything in the Halls of Congress and did not try to get along?  Wonder how many times has she gone to the prayer room after she makes all of these statements?  St. Peter will certainly be waiting for her at the Pearly Gates! 


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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