The definition of the word “bossy” means acting like a boss or fond of giving orders.  The definition of boss is a person who is in charge of workers.  The quacking yesterday was that some people want to ban the word – how foolish! All of a sudden it is a bad word – when a man is “bossy” it does not seem to bother anyone because it is expected.  When a woman is “bossy” it is not acceptable or as people hiss – it is not appropriate.  How can you be in charge if you do not take the reins if you are in charge or the boss?  Statements that I hear are: she is so aggressive!  They certainly do not say that about a man – do they?  So why is it expected of a man to be aggressive and a leader and not a woman?  We all have to accept that we have a lot of women – that are in charge and are very successful – something we have to accept.  Haven’t we put a lot of expectations on the women on the home front because they run the home front when they have a husband who brings home the paycheck or if they both work they both run the home front and they both bring home a paycheck.  Just leave it “bee.”  As long as the honey is flowing and it is working what difference does it make who is doing their share!  The way marriage was explained by “you know who” is  – some time you give 100 percent in a marriage and the spouse gives zero – other times it is 50-50 and other times you get the 100 percent.   It is never “right down the middle.”   Something else comes to mind – life is not always fair – but live it!


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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