It looks like a Judge in Nebraska (I wonder if he is a Democrat) put a kink in the Keystone Pipeline by putting a hold on it from a legal standpoint.  Is he trying to help out the leader?  America, this could help out our work force and our leader could get this back on track if he wanted.  In fact, the ex-CEO of Shell,  who I admire deeply for his honesty, stated that this Judge’s ruling is nothing but a political stunt.  My question, why doesn’t the Socialist Democrats and our leader want all of these jobs?  As Republicans, we have got to put the hammer to the metal to get these jobs.  We have been dilly-dallying long enough.  Isn’t it strange that our leader never talks about more jobs?  The states’ Republican Governors are having to do the heavy lifting to keep this economy going; whereas, these Socialist Democrat Governors are just moving their mouths  – criticizing –  waiting for that million dollar pay-off from that California billionaire who made all of that capitalistic money and is  now trying to keep other people from making a living by stifling the environment.


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