This blog is to encourage everyone to vote.  This is our chance to make our mark.  We all know that we do not like what is taking place within our country, so now is the time to stand up and be counted.  We took advantage of early voting today.  We, initially, showed our “Voter Registration Certificate.”  Then the clerk said, I will need to see your picture drivers license as proof of your Voter Registration.  That was sure good news to hear and I could have hugged her neck.  After filling in the blanks of my selections for  the officials,  I was in the selection area for the  Texas Republican Primary Judges.  It is always scary because these people are the ones who uphold the Constitution and accurately apply the law – not make the law or change the law.   So be prepared because there are a lot of them on the ballot.  I was so proud to see a vote on prayer in public places, a vote on welfare participants taking a drug test, expansion of carrying concealed firearms, and Obamacare repeal.  What an outstanding ballot!  We both felt so proud when we exited the court-house and pulled out all of those old weeds.


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