This administration and the Social Democrats are  slowly trying to turn this country into a dictatorship.  This leader does  not want people to have jobs and is encouraging them to live off the people who do work.  There are a lot of jobs available; but, with the freebies these nonworkers are receiving why should they work is the attitude because they are  receiving more in freebies than if they held a job.  Therefore, we must inject some incentive for people to go back to work.  As you know, our current leader never had a real job in his whole life and always rode the rails of a free-loader and was always proud of it.  He is trying to turn this country into a lazy country inorder for the government to able to control the people.  We must change the voting structure of  this country – if you do not pay taxes – you do not vote.  If we don’t make this change there will be no hope for it.  Why should  any person be able to cast a vote if they do not have skin in the game?  You know these low information voters will always vote for the leader that gives them “free.” 

In spite of all of his maneuvering to bring us down, we still have states who are progressing on their own without the Socialists Democrats or the leader.  So those people who want to work and don’t have jobs move to those states who have available jobs.  Let’s show these clowns that we can make it without their help.  


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