As we all know, ethics play a key role in our daily lives and we have a lot of professors who have none due to their political leanings and the only thing they bring to the classroom is their ideology; but, we now have a website in which we can report those professors and teachers  who prey on our students if they are conservative.  This has been a long time coming and I commend those people who have set up this website.  Now let’s see how these tenured,  liberal professors and teachers are going to handle discrimination in the class room by bullying students.  The website is:


The other situation we have to start monitoring and the parents need to tell their students if they come across information in any text-book that is not true to also report it to this website.  Example:  The text-book in South Carolina that lied about Reagan and conservatives in general.  The standard answer when they are caught is:  the teacher thought selecting a particular book would cause a debate.  Why would you debate something that was a lie to begin with?  That is teaching children to lie and encourages them to distort the truth.  I still think we should have a voucher system.  If I had small children with the way the Socialist Democrats (Unions) have infiltrated our schools and colleges, I would send my children to a private school. 



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