It is stunning how we have all of these investigations going on and the FBI/DOJ are spinning their wheels and burning rubber to keep the information hidden which would indict the Obama administration and the Democratic Party until the November election – hoping  the Democrats win and they can put this away without any further investigation.

– The Mueller investigation which is geared toward the 2016 election collusion with Russia and the cause.  It is really geared toward investigating the Republican’s collusion and not the Democrat’s collusion.

– The Congress (Republican/Democrat) investigation which is geared toward the 2016 election collusion with Russia and the cause.

You would think this would be a collaboration between the two investigations – but it is not.  One (Mueller, a Democrat) is fighting the other (joint investigation with the Dem and the Repub fighting each other).

It seems that the Mueller investigation has not found any collusion with Prez Trump and Russia.  But, it has continued to find the Democrat’s collusion from every corner of the investigation.  When something pops up that involves the Democrats he backs off and changes the direction and leaves that hanging.

As far as the Congress’ investigation – they have found over and over that the FBI/DOJ were deeply involved with Hillary Clinton and absolving her all the way in the 2016 election – starting with her paying for the dossier to bring Trump down, plus Comey/Styrok hiding her supposed hacked computers by Russia and the DNC supposedly hacked computers which they won’t turn over to the investigators, plus 30,000 Hillary Clinton emails – and that alone tells me they are hiding the facts.

Mueller’s investigation points to corruption within the DOJ/FBI (they are investigating themselves) because of the number of people that have been proven to committing crimes in this case and have been fired – starting with Comey – the head of the FBI.  Even Mueller and Rosenstein have colluded for many years and are not honest people.

The questions is – with all of the information that has been brought to light – you don’t see Mueller using any of this information –  Mueller acts like it doesn’t exists – why not?

So, who is going to solve this stalemate?  AG Sessions can’t be involved because he excused himself because of prior involvement while he was a senator  and the Prez can’t because he is the subject of the investigation.

All of this was deliberately planned to put our country into a holding pattern by the Democrats and the Elite Republicans after Hillary Clinton lost to keep the President from accomplishing anything;  but, the opposite has transpired.

The Prez is bringing our country from the abyss which  the Democrat socialists/muslims and Obama deliberately planned which was to make it a third world country and working under Sharia law not the Constitution.  The Supreme Court sanctioned Obama for the eight years in which this happened.

So how is Obama’s crime going to be handled – so this doesn’t happen again?  We can’t sweep this under the muslim prayer rug.

A vote for any Democrat is a vote to make this country a socialist country and NO CONSTITUTION, but, a lawless country like we had under Obama and no borders which means no sovereignty.

We cannot allow that to happen – whereby these idiots called, Democrats, would be ruling the roost.  Heaven forbid!

We have to get this solved.  Just pray that we can find a solution before the election.




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KOMMONSENTSJANE – America’s had enough! Owner of Portland art gallery takes down ‘behead Trump’ image after receiving threats. Fellowship of the Minds.

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Follow up  information.  This is only tells you how our country has changed.  If these people who are so belligerent would make a comparison on how they are free in their daily living compared to other countries – they would send a note to the President – thanking him for the change in the direction of our country.

During the Obama administration I could see what a difference and how he was taking our country away from freedom and the way he relished in the suffering of the American people.  Why is it people don’t see this?


Fellowship of the Minds

This morning, our DCG published a post on an art gallery in Portland, Oregon, One Grand Gallery, displaying an image in its window of President Trump being decapitated and the words “Fuck Trump”.

Jordan Chan-Mendez is the founder and co-owner of One Grand Gallery, located at 1000 E. Burnside St., Portland, OR 97214 (Google Map here).

Since Portland is a Leftist city, Chan-Mendez probably thought he would have the enthusiastic support of Portlanders.


Even Portland has a limit.

Fox 12 Oregon reports that the art gallery has scraped the “behead Trump” image off its window after “continuous threats” and a request from the gallery’s landlord.

The man who identified himself as One Grand Gallery’s founder, refused to give his name and hid his face from the FOX 12 camera crew. The man also declined to explain why the gallery put the image up in a window that…

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KOMMONSENTSJANE – Truth News Headlines Evening July 18, 2018. By: American Intelligence Media

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For your information.


American Intelligence Media

They are trying to cover up the greatest illicit meddling in an American election in history: by American intelligence agencies. In their desperation since the defeat of the candidate they covertly supported, who would have covered it up for them, they have been trying to maintain the fraud of collusion and conflate it with the trivial and routine interventions of some Russian operatives in the 2016 election. Source

Putin Drops Bomb on Mueller: Russia Seeks Charges Against Obama-Era U.S. Ambassador & U.S. Intel Agents Allegedly Linked to Browder



Brennan communist

John Brennan Colluded With Foreign Spies to Defeat Trump

A supporter of the American Communist Party at the height of the Cold War, Brennan brought into the CIA a raft of subversives and gave them plum positions from which to gather and leak political espionage…

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KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO Resist – Fire, Police Departs = Successful Socialism – Left Love Dictators – “occupy” airports, border crossings. Reclaim Our Republic.

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Rep Cortez read a book in college about socialism and is now a full-fledged Marxists. If she were older and had more miles on her – then I would take her more seriously . She has come into focus like GANGBUSTERS – for the 26% that voted for her.


Reclaim Our Republic

Sarah Silverman Offers Fire and Police Departments as Examples of Successful Socialism

July 5, 2018  by  Warren Mass

Sarah Silverman Offers Fire and Police Departments as Examples of Successful Socialism

Comedienne and actress Sarah Silverman (shown) revealed in a Tweet on July 2 that her understanding of socialism is so lacking that she might be better off sticking to comedy and leaving serious political analysis to those better qualified. Silverman took it upon herself to lecture former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, who stated on Fox & Friends earlier that day, “Socialism is a disaster. The only people who support socialism are people who don’t know what it is or people who want to win elections.”

In response to Bongino’s statement, Silverman tweeted: “Forgive me but you are daft. Socialist democrats are for socialized programs within our democracy. Like, education &health care available 4all, making sure all@kids have the same opportunities.. u don’t like socialized programs? Do you like the police dept? The fire…

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