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It is the uninformed/free stuff that counts..




A Coherent Observation

“Biden’s COGNITIVE DECLINE is the BIGGEST “elephant in the room” scandal in the past 100 years!!!” Representative Ronny Jackson (R-TX), Admiral, USN (Ret), former White House physician to Obama and President Donald John Trump.

During numerous interviews, DeniableJoe downplayed the effects of Bidenflation. Interest rates are going up as food stuff prices go up, along with increased oil prices and natural gas price spikes. He’s ignoring the economic ills that were born from his failing policies, along with a plethora of other issues…self-inflicted wounds. And DeniableJoe is disconnected, oblivious and tries to con the people, despite a Consumer Price Index that went from 1.3% in January 2021 to a record high of 9.5%, which is the highest in four decades. Biden? He stated that the numbers are steady and haven’t spiked. HUH?? This is the most pernicious president in American History.

And with Biden, along with the zealous support…

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