KOMMONSENTSJANE – Bill Barr Goes after Trump Again

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Bill Barr must be afraid of something awfully important being made public since he keeps nipping at Trump’s heels.  Barr gave me the impression that he was a lazy person.


How would he know – he never investigated anything.

Yes, President Trump uses an approach to make people say things that reveal their real purpose. That is why he was able to make the progress he made which no other president has been able to get so much done even though he was dragging all of the left’s dirty baggage out in the open. That is why the lefties didn’t like him. He always one-upped them.



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Check out this Article from AmericanThinker
By John Green

Bill Barr is inserting himself into politics again. And he’s doing it in the best way to get fawning media coverage — sniping at his former boss, President Donald J. Trump. Barr issued a statement about Trump:

He does not have the ability for strategic thinking and linear thinking or setting priorities or how to get things done in the system. He will deliver chaos, and if anything lead to a backlash that will set his policies much further back than they otherwise would be.

The doctor’s diagnosis is that Trump lacks the temperament or wisdom to deliver on his promises. Okay, fine. But before we accept his advice, let’s assess his expertise on the subject.

Is Barr saying that another Trump presidency would somehow be different from the last? In his last term in office, Trump provided

  • Middle East peace…

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