The truth always hurts. Doesn’t Soros’ son have an office in the White House – just a few doors down from Biden? What is that all about?

Soros has been run out of other countries for his misdeeds and is not welcome. Isn’t it about time for that to happen in the U.S. Is Soros still working with Germany/Economic Forum (One World Order) continue to “win WWII? Isn’t Soros paying the charities to bring all of these illegals to come into the U.S. in an Obama plan to “OVER WHELM” our economic system in the country?

In the past, we sent money every year to these countries which was intended to help their people; but, the money never got to the people. Now, to take care of the people – they are bringing them into our country and paying them a stipend to be here (to take care of them with free everything).


Just add an “h” to view.

Something extra to chew on:


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