Strange the TV stations are not mentioning all of the illegal immigrants in San Antonio – TX?

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ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

I have already heard via the news, where some of our homeless VETERANS have been evicted from hotels to make room for YOU GUESSED IT, ILLEGALS ! Take a good hard look at many of the illegals coming over into our country. Many are clothed better than our homeless.

Yesterday, I had a panhandling illegal approach me in a Walmart parking lot. Never had this happen before. The girl was about 20, well dressed, could not speak English, was attractive, and didn’t look like she had such a hard time just getting here. She obviously had some help. Now she is here, she made it. It hasn’t taken long for her to start panhandling. Some of our laws prohibit panhandling on the streets, I guess parking lots don’t count. But hey, breaking the law means nothing to them, their first act of crossing over broke the law. They are criminals…

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