Originally it was Obama’s playbook – Obama/Biden/liberals are all haters/dividers. Oprah has hitched her wagon to Obama’s star.

Woke ( / ˈwoʊk / WOHK) is an English adjective meaning ” alert to racial prejudice and discrimination ” that originated in African-American Vernacular.

Oprah lied! She made her millions through the capitalistic system. Her audiences were mainly white people. Now that she is rich and being “stung” by Obama – she can afford to be WOKE.

She doesn’t need white people now. Shame on her for lying to those students – WOKE won’t get them anywhere – only, a one way ticket to hate.

She just wants to keep them beneath her so that she can have her slaves. Look at all of the rich blacks who are not giving back or trying to help black cities – instead of building Mac-Mansions for themselves. Just think how many homes they could build in black cities instead of owning five homes all over the world.

Why did she build a school in Africa rather than help the blacks in the U.S.?

Smart students for turning their backs. Rich black folks are not helping their own/cities. They need to be giving back and help them learn how to build their cities and keep them safe. They have the money to do that.


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